Prom Season on Lake George

Zoe Nadler

Goes to Lake George Prom

Zoe was stunning in her peach mermaid shaped dress and diamonds. Her makeup and hair looked flawless. When I arrived to take photos of the family and Zoe, it began to rain. I’ll take the rain, since there was talk of snow. Rain or no rain, we got some stunning shots. ¬†We left to join Zoe’s date and friends at a nearby home, to take more photos, and catch the limo. Thank the Lord, the rain went away, and we snapped away. The limo took the kids down to the edge of Lake George, where I was able to capture a lot of fun and beautiful pictures for them. We ended at the school with the kids departing from the limo, to prepare for the grande march. I hope they had a spectacular time. Thank you for allowing me to be a part of your prom. You looked not only looked beautiful on the outside, but you are a beautiful person on the inside too.

Nadler3Nadler2Prom on Lake George

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